What happens when I place an upgrade order?

When you begin the process to upgrade your server, you'll be asked to be a prorated amount, then your server will restart after payment to apply the change.

The amount is based on how far into your billing cycle you are and the amount of memory you're upgrading to, so you will never be charged in excess.

How much will I be charged to renew my server?

Your renewal cost is also based on the amount of memory you upgrade to. If you've paid for an upgrade to 2GB, you'll be charged for 2GB at renewal.

How do I cancel an upgrade order?

Unpaid orders will be automatically canceled if left unpaid; however, you may reach out to our team at any time to cancel an order immediately. We hope to add this functionality to Prisma in the future, too!

Why does it look like you've charged me twice?

When you create an order, you may see an authorization charge on your account. Typically, the authorization will process into a charge if you proceed with the order; however, sometimes you may see the actual charge and the authorization. If this occurs, the second charge will fall off within a few business days. If you don't see this behavior, please reach out to our team so we can help!

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