We understand that running a server, or especially multiple servers, can be costly... That's why it's so important that server owners do research into planning, development, setup, budgeting, etc. before you dive deep into the world of hosting your own server(s).

If you've already got everything planned but you're not sure where to start when it comes to building up funds, you might consider looking for advice on sites such as Minecraft Forum, Planet Minecraft, or reddit. Some server owners even seek advice over reddit's personal finance community.

Most Minecraft server owners seek donations from their players over Buycraft, but you could also use payment services such as PayPal or Stripe.

If you only have an idea for your community right now but you are lacking the funds to get things in motion, you might consider a marketing and crowdfunding campaign to kickstart your journey as a server owner. For this, you have to be very dedicated and you really have to put in the effort, otherwise, it's unlikely you will succeed.
One of the most popular sites for personal crowdfunding projects is Kickstarter and you can find some helpful tips for marketing by doing some quick, simple searches on Google.

If you're still underage, please consult with a parent/guardian before you make any decisions. You'd be surprised how much good a few more years of saving money, researching ideas, and planning can do for you, so you might also consider simply waiting a few more years.


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