How do I set up a donations page?

If you're looking to formally accept donations, we recommend using a service like the one offered by Tebex; however, for more social use, you can use a payment sharing service like Google Pay, Venmo, or Zelle.

How do I get players to donate for a new server?

If you don't already have a community, you might consider taking some time to plan and research before you ask anyone to donate. When you're able to show your dedication and ideas, players are more likely to want to support you!

How do I get players to donate to my existing server?

Advertising and networking are important, as are communication and perks! If you've got an established community but you're having trouble getting donations, consider what you're offering players, where you've displayed your donation information, and whether you've built any partnerships that can help.

Where can I go for more advice?

You might check on forums or Discord servers specific to the game you're hosting, or perhaps even on Reddit's personal finance community.

Are there any sites I can use while I'm underage?

When finances are involved, most sites require you to be at least 18 years old. To have an account with us at CubedHost, you must be at least 16. These restrictions are in place with regard to privacy laws around the world. If you're underage, we encourage you to speak with a parent or guardian about your ambitions!

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