While we'd love to accept every partner request, our requirements are in place to help maintain a successful program for all of our partners. We understand that not everyone may meet the requirements we've set and we hope this page helps.

Content Creators

We believe in passion and patience when it comes to content creation. Though you may not meet our requirements today, you may tomorrow or the next day! We encourage you to grow your channel and reach out when you're ready.

Advice from our community

Networking and positivity are insanely helpful when it comes to growing your channel. With the right attitude and persistence, you'll blow past our requirements in no time. Remember to thank those that have helped you along the way!

Mature Content

If your channel is not primarily family or teen rated but you believe it may be suitable, we encourage you to reach out. We're always happy to consider new applications.

Educators, Non-Profits

Odds are, you may not be registered or your institution is a little too new. Once you're further on your feet, please reach out - we'd love to hear from you!


If you don't yet have a completed project published but you feel you're established in the world of development, please reach out and give us more information. We're happy to consider all applications.

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