We can always transfer your server from one location to another at any time. This is currently a manual process, however, it usually takes no more than 15 minutes to complete... depending on how many files you have, of course!

Before you contact us, please be sure to figure out which location you'd like your server moved to. You might consider testing your connection and/or having other users test theirs as well. While one location may be perfect for you, it may be awful for someone else. Please see this article for our test servers.

Ready to move? Great! Please open a conversation (click the blue button in the bottom-right of the site) and include the following details:

  • Server ID that you'd like moved (find this in your Prisma URL or through your legacy client area for other services)
  • Location that you'd like the server moved to
  • Whether or not you need any files transferred
  • Whether or not you need your MySQL database transferred

Please note that we cannot keep your IP address if your server is moved to a new location. You'll be assigned a new numerical IP address upon transfer.
If you have a subdomain IP set up (example.mymc.io) for your Minecraft server, it should be automatically updated to reflect the new IP address.

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