Account credit is applied in the event that you've recently been refunded via credit, downgraded in paid resources, added funds to your account, or requested withdrawal from your affiliate account.

Credit on your account is automatically applied to unpaid invoices generated after the funds exist in your account balance. If you're relying on your account balance to pay your renewal bills, it's important to keep track of these funds.

If you are a Prisma user, you may view your credit balance at any time from your profile. The credit balance is displayed under "Billing Information" and is displayed in US Dollars.

If you are using the legacy client area, you may view your account balance by selecting the "Notifications" section located in the top-right area of our website.
If you have any credit on your account, you will see it in a notification displayed in green with the remaining amount included.

What if I am missing funds?
If you feel you should have credit on your account and you're not seeing it, first let's troubleshoot:

  1. If you recently downgraded, we'll issue you a credit within 10 business days. If it's been longer than 10 business days, please contact our team.

  2. If you requested a refund, review your support request; you may have received a refund to your original payment method instead of your credit balance.

  3. If you had funds before but they seem to be missing now, check your current invoices. As credit automatically applies to unpaid invoices, the credit may have applied already to an invoice. If you need it moved around, just let us know!

Still not finding 'em? Let us know and we'll gladly look into it!

How do I add more funds?
You can either let us know how much you'd like to add to your account and we'll generate an invoice for you or you may add funds to your account through our legacy client area here.

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