Our automated backup system is currently modified due to a fire incident. Please see our status page for further information and updates. Scheduled tasks are not affected.

What does "Terminated" mean?

Terminated means that your server has been shut down permanently. Your files are purged and your server's IP is reassigned elsewhere.

Why was my server terminated?

If your server has been terminated, it's likely due to nonpayment; however, it can also be due to a cancellation request or Terms of Service violation. If you're unsure, check your email and reach out to our team with any further questions.

Can I reinstate my terminated server?

While we cannot reinstate any service that has been terminated, there's a chance that your files can be restored! This means that you can resume play on a new server with your old world.

What about my server's IP?

When a server is terminated, its IP address is reassigned. When you purchase a new server, you'll be assigned a random IP address from our pool of available IPs. It's highly unlikely you'll be assigned the same IP address and we are not able to restore your previous IP, even if you purchase a new server.

How do I get my files back?

There are a few ways you may be able to get your files back if you do not have your own backup copy. If your server was terminated within the last 10 days*, we can provide you with a link to download your files from or we can restore the files onto a newly purchased server upon request.

What about my web hosting?
Web hosting backups are not guaranteed, however, we do backup all web hosting files at least once per week. If you need a restoration or a copy of files from a web hosting service, please contact our team for more information.

What about my bare metal server(s)?
Unless you have specifically set up a specialty backup system with our team, we do not provide backups for bare metal servers.

* Our automated backup system retains backups for up to 30 days; however, an incident is currently restricting our retainment period.

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