Due to the immense premium it would cost to make a single payment to pay for a server indefinitely, we do not offer any sort of single payment / server-for-life option or free servers outside of our Partner Program. However, you can cancel your service at any time, choose a longer billing cycle if you don't like paying often, enroll in automatic payments via credit/debit card or PayPal, or work with our team as needed to help keep your server at costs that best suit your needs.

Why don't you offer an indefinite payment option?

Did you know that our infrastructure costs easily surmount to over $10,000 USD a month? If we were to break this down to our retail cost at $8/GB and consider yearly payments, you're looking at $96/year for a single, 1GB server. This doesn't seem too bad until you look closer into how much it would really cost to make this indefinite...
5 years?... $480
10 years?... $960
20 years?... $1920
50 years?... $4800
These are huge payments for the average consumer to consider footing upfront.

How can I get a discount or a longer billing cycle?


If you're worried about cost, we often run sales throughout the year and there are always promotional codes available. If you're unsure where to find a discount, feel free to contact our team and we'll be happy to help!

Affiliate Program

If you love CubedHost and you want to refer others to us, the Affiliate Program is a great way to do it! Do you run a YouTube channel, blog, or stream often? Do you have friends at work or school that love Minecraft? Great! That's an opportunity for you to refer others to CubedHost and earn some account credit for yourself.
For each completed order made by someone you've referred, you'll earn 10% of their order's cost. We can even set up a custom affiliate link for you if you're interested.

Billing Cycles

We offer three billing cycles: Monthly, Quarterly, and Semi-annually
The Quarterly cycle means that you'll be invoiced every 3 months for service renewal and your renewal cost includes a discount of 5% automatically whereas the Semi-annual cycle means you'll be invoiced every 6 months and you'll get an included discount of 10%.
The Monthly billing cycle does not include a discount, though you're likely to find public promotional codes available to help discount your first few payments.
If you'd like to change your billing cycle at any time, just ask our team!

Automated Payments and Account Credit

Don't like having to deal with manual payments? We offer automated payments by default with credit/debit cards and we also offer PayPal subscriptions for your convenience. You can also choose to Add Funds to your account so you always have credit available to pay any open invoices on your account.

What if I can't afford a server or can't afford to keep paying for one every month?

We understand that not everyone has the means to purchase a server or hold onto one for months at a time. This is why we keep our Affiliate Program open to all, even if you don't have an active service. Additionally, you can always cancel your service at any time and/or reach out to our team if you need to make any adjustments to help meet your budget.

You mentioned a Partner Program... What's that about?

If you are a content creator, you may qualify for a partnership with CubedHost. You can find more information on our requirements and application process here.

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