We accept any major credit/debit cards, so you should have no trouble using a prepaid card if it has sufficient funds and no special restrictions.

Why was my prepaid card declined?

We commonly see prepaid cards declined due to country restrictions, lack of available funds*, and/or restrictions to online purchases.

*We encourage anyone who has to use a prepaid card to maintain a higher balance than your purchase amount as the card may require this to authorize the payment, currency conversion may result in a card fee, and/or currency conversion rates may be higher than you expect.

If you're unsure why your card has been declined and you do not believe it is for any of the above reasons, you may reach out to our team for the decline code. Otherwise, we generally advise contacting the card issuer for assistance.

Will my server renew?

By default, our billing system will automatically attempt to charge the default card on file, if valid, on each due date. If you'd like any card removed from your account or would like to change your default card on file, we may do so upon request. Otherwise, you may add new cards any time you have an open invoice available. You may also disable automatic card processing from your Prisma billing dashboard at any time.

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