This guide is to help you upload a world or map to your Java Edition server.
Bedrock or PocketMine? Try this guide instead.
Using Multiverse or a different multi-world plugin? Reach out if you need help!

Where do I find my single-player world?

You can find all single-world saves by following this file path on your computer:

Before you upload a new world...

  1. Do you have the correct world folder that you'd like to upload?
    Uploads may take some time, so you may want to be sure that you have the correct folder downloaded and ready to upload before you move forward. This helps save time and prevent confusion and clutter down the line.

  2. Is your server stopped?
    While this isn't a requirement, this can help prevent confusion and disaster.

  3. How large is the world folder that you're uploading?
    This will help determine which method you use to upload your new world.

  4. What server type and/or Minecraft version was used to create the world?
    You'll need this so you can make adjustments in your control panel before you start your server again.

What do I use to upload my world?

If you have a larger world and/or you want to be extra safe, you'll want to use FTP.
If you have a smaller world, it's generally safe to upload your world right in your browser using Prisma's built-in File Manager.

How do I know how large my world is?

You can typically find the size of any file/folder through the file browser on your computer. When the file is selected, it may show you at the bottom of the window what size the file is. Otherwise, you can right-click and select Properties to access more information, including the size of the file.

What is considered a large file?

If your world folder is larger than 2GB, we recommend using FTP. Any worlds larger than 4GB cannot be uploaded via the File Manager due to browser restrictions.

Why can't I upload a large file using the File Manager?

The File Manager, while well-built, is for quick and/or small uploads. Internet Browsers tend to restrict file uploads, which can result in larger files not uploading as intended.

How do I use FTP to upload my world?

First, please access the folder that you're looking to upload and rename it (if needed) to whichever name you'll want it to have on your server. For example, if you want your server to use the world entitled "My2020World", name the folder "My2020World".

If you are using Windows, we recommend using WinSCP, a third-party FTP client.
If you are using macOS, you may use your choice of FTP client, such as FileZilla.
Linux users, you may be able to use WinSCP, FileZilla, or an alternate method of your choice pending your environment.

How do I use Prisma's File Manager to upload my world?

If you have a small-sized world and you'd like to use the File Manager to upload it, the following steps will help you.

  1. If you'd like to expedite the process, proceed to step 2. Otherwise, skip to step 3.

  2. Select the folder that you wish to upload to your server. Right-click on it, then compress/zip it (on Windows, select Send to then Compressed (zipped)).

  3. Open and log into Prisma, then access the File Manager on the server you wish to upload your new world to. Do this by selecting the server to manage, Customize from the top navigation, then File Manager in the dropdown menu.

  4. Check that you are in your server's root directory; the current path displayed should show a single / and nothing more. Do not open any files on your server.

  5. Select the Browse... button found next to "Upload" at the top of the File Manager.

  6. The previous step will result in a file browser opening on your computer. From here, locate and select the world folder that you'd like uploaded to the server.

  7. Wait for the file upload to complete. This may take several minutes depending on your Internet upload speeds and your connection to our servers.

  8. Once the file upload is complete, look in Prisma's File Manager for your uploaded world folder. If you did not skip step 2, select that folder now and then select the Extract Selected button that appears after (you'll see this button towards the top-right).

  9. Check to make sure that the world name within the File Manager is what you'd like it to be named. If it is not, rename it now by clicking on the name of the folder directly; this should turn it into a text box for you to edit. You'll need to type in the correct name, then select the Rename button and confirm your change once the button updates to Confirm?.

  10. Go to your server's Overview dashboard (Overview in the top navigation) then select the Change button on the World selector. You should see a text box under "Create New World"; this box is where you'll enter in the name of the world folder you've just uploaded, adjust the World Type if necessary, then save your addition.

  11. If your new world was not created using the server type/version currently selected, update this now by selecting the Change button on the Server Type selector.

  12. You can now start your server whenever you're ready! Be sure to connect not long after uploading your new world and starting the server, as you'll want to be sure that everything worked as intended.

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