In order to help maintain a risk-free environment here at CubedHost, we use a fraud prevention system known as MaxMind to review each and every order automatically. Any orders associated with high-risk information and/or reports or orders with missing information may be flagged as fraudulent and then flagged for manual review.

If you've seen this error, please first check that you have provided all of your personal details as requested within the checkout process (name, full address, phone number, etc.). These details are not only required per our Terms, but missing/invalid details can result in your order being considered high-risk.

Your order may also be flagged if you are hiding your IP address. In order for our system to accurately match your address to your location, you must place your order without anonymizing yourself. Please disable any VPNs/proxies you may be using prior to placing your next order.

If you feel your order has been wrongly flagged, please contact our team.
If we do not hear from you, it is unlikely your order will be approved.

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