PayPal subscriptions are open to any of our customers newly purchasing a service or renewing an existing service. They are not activated automatically, so you must select the appropriate option if you want one! We've included further details below.

How do I set up a PayPal subscription?

If you’re a new customer, you need only select PayPal at checkout then use the "Subscribe" button (not the "Pay Now" button).

If you are an existing customer, select PayPal as your payment method using the drop-down menu on your invoice then use the "Subscribe" button.
If you’re only seeing a “Pay Now” button, please be sure that you’ve opened the correct invoice. Subscriptions cannot be activated for non-recurring services.

If you are an existing customer with multiple services that do not have the same due date, you may need to have your services separately invoiced.
In order to request this, just give our billing team a shout at any time.

Can I still pay manually at any time?

If you set up a PayPal subscription, PayPal will always charge you on your subscription date regardless of your invoice status. If you pay the invoice before your subscription date, PayPal will still charge you when your subscription date (typically your due date) rolls around. Any overpayments are non-refundable and will be automatically sent to your credit balance.


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