Having a website associated with your server(s) can help you build a community!
Often times, a website can help players connect and it can also give new players a place to go to learn more about what you have to offer.
For this reason, we offer a free web hosting package to qualifying customers.

How do I qualify?

We're glad you're interested! In order to qualify for the free plan, we ask that you have an active game server with 1GB or more of memory. In addition, you will need to have your own domain name ready to go.

How do I get a domain?

You can pick up a domain for a few dollars from most domain registrars, such as Namecheap. Your domain will need to be renewed on a yearly basis.

Can I use a subdomain for this web hosting package?

While you cannot use one of our domains (like mymc.io), you can use a subdomain if you prefer. This does require specific adjustments to your DNS records on the domain you wish to use, though your registrar can typically assist.

What's included?

  • 128MB Disk Space

  • 10GB Bandwidth

  • Unlimited E-Mail accounts

  • Unlimited MySQL databases

  • Unlimited subdomains

  • cPanel & FTP access

What's not included?

  • Website design

  • Website development or maintenance

  • Software licensing (XenForo, etc.)

  • Advanced support

How can I get started? 

Simple - just click that support button in your Prisma control panel and let us know what domain you'd like to use. Our team will take things from there!

Is there anything more simple?

If you're looking for something friendlier to use, you might want to consider a service, such as Enjin, as the website is already built for you and ready to customize.
You can try out Enjin Advanced free by clicking here.

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