Your password can be reset at any time within Prisma here:
You will be asked to provide your email address, so it is important to provide the email you used when you purchased your server (or whatever email you may have most recently updated to on your account).
If the email is not registered in Prisma, you’ll be notified accordingly. If the email does exist, Prisma will prompt you to check your inbox. You should have an email from CubedHost entitled “Your CubedHost password reset”. Please open this email and follow the directions provided accordingly.

If you know your password and only need to change it, you may do so by visiting your profile within Prisma (dropdown menu on right-hand side of the navigation bar) and selecting using the “Change Password” section accordingly.

Please note that we highly encourage you to use a secure, unique, and un-shared password for your own security. CubedHost is not responsible for account breaches due to poorly secured credentials.
If you need help keeping track of your password(s) securely, it may be ideal for you to use a password manager, such as 1Password or LastPass. These password managers also offer built-in password generators.
If you do not wish to use a password manager but you’d still like help generating a secure password, try these tips:

  1. Do not use any common words/numbers associated with your life (e.g. the name of a relative, spouse/S.O., name of a pet, your birthday, etc.)

  2. Do not use repeated letters or numbers or sequential numbers (e.g. 1234, aaa, etc.)

  3. Do not use a password you have used somewhere else

  4. Do not write down the password or store it anywhere that is insecure

  5. If you’re unsure what to use and you want something unique but easy to remember, try using this password generator with the “Strong” password option:

  6. If you’d like to use a more complex password generator, try this one:
    Pay attention to the “Remember your password:” text towards the bottom on this site, as the text displayed here can actually easily help you recall your new password.

If someone else needs access to manage your server, do not share your password.
Prisma allows you to add administrators for each server, meaning you have the ability to add/remove access to your server without sharing your password.
We also plan to add additional permissions to sub-user accounts for access to things like server billing, support, etc. If you have questions, concerns, or feedback regarding this, please contact our team.

If you need to adjust the email address on your account and cannot log in, please contact us and provide your full name, previous and current email addresses, as well as your address for verification.

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