First, please note that we do not provide cash in exchange for referrals or advertisement. Our affiliate and partner programs are pure of heart and are only open to those looking to truly share the value of CubedHost.

That said, we support our affiliates and partners by either providing sponsored service(s) under our Partner Program or account credit under our Affiliates program.

Currently, account credit can only be earned based on each new customer you refer to CubedHost. For each order completed by someone you have referred, your affiliate account will be credited 10% of the referred user's order total after the service is active for at least 30 days.
For example, if someone you've referred purchases a 2GB Minecraft server priced at $13.98 USD, your affiliate account would be credited $1.40 USD.

Funds remain in your affiliate account until you place a withdrawal request. At which time, the funds will be transferred to your billing account. Your credit balance may be used for any active, unpaid invoices with CubedHost.
Your account credit is subject to expiration after one year.

Please note that the Affiliates program is under construction. This means that, while the above rewards are nice to have in the meantime, we want you to have more!
We appreciate your patience while we recreate our affiliate system.

For more information on our Partner Program, see this article.

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