Thanks to our amazing development team, Prisma is very intelligent!
Your Java version is actually automatically updated based on the server type you select. However, you can still adjust the Java version manually if needed (helpful for those of you using a custom server JAR).

Our servers support Java 7, Java 8, Java 9, Java 11, Java 12, and Java 13.

The Java version is modifiable via your ".java_version" file. To access this file, navigate to "CUSTOMIZE" then "FILE MANAGER" within Prisma. From there, locate the file and select the yellow edit/pencil icon.

Once you have the file open, focus on lines 14-16. Where you see "auto", simply adjust that to "7", "8", "9", 11", "12", or "13" accordingly. Alternatively, add a "# " to comment out "java-version=auto" and remove the "# " preceding the Java version you wish to use.

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