Starting over can be desirable if you’ve made some mistakes and just want a clean slate, or even if you just want to begin anew. No matter what your reason, we’ve made it simple to do!

Using the reset feature will delete all of your files, though your “Server Type”, internal “Server Name”, and world name (not the world folder itself) will remain.

If you’re certain you’d like to completely start over, follow the steps below:

  1. Log into your Prisma account here:

  2. Once you have logged in, select the server you wish to reset.

  3. Select the “Stop” button and wait for your server status to show as “Stopped”.

  4. Navigate to “ADVANCED” > “RESET”.

  5. A window will appear warning you that resetting the server will result in all files being deleted.

  6. You will be asked to verify your Prisma password before the “Reset Server” button will unlock.

  7. Once your password is entered, another pop-up may appear confirming, again, that you wish to reset your server. You’ll need to click “OK” before you can continue.

  8. If you’ve clicked “OK” or the pop-up did not appear and you’ve clicked “Reset Server”, your server should be successfully reset.

  9. Before starting the server, you may adjust your server type and world name as you please, then start the server when ready.

Once started, a new world will be generated and the server type selected will be installed.

Note: This feature is restricted to the owner of the server only.

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