Looking to change that little image that shows for your server on your bookmarks list in Minecraft? We understand!
Luckily, adding an icon is very easy, especially if you have an image ready!

Before you can add/change your server icon, you need to have an icon!

In order for the icon to be usable, it must meet the following criteria:

  1. Sized 64 pixels by 64 pixels - Formatted as a PNG file (.png)
  2. Named “server-icon” (this must be all lowercase)

If your image does not meet all of the above requirements, the icon will not work. 

Once you have your image ready, you need only upload it right to your server’s root directory. This can either be done via FTP or directly within Prisma through the File Manager. The latter being the easiest option as you're only uploading a single file.

If you wish to use FTP, you may use this guide to help you use FileZilla.

If you wish to use the File Manager, navigate to “CUSTOMIZE” > “FILE MANAGER” in Prisma and use the “Upload” feature located towards the top, right of the panel.
You can also drag and drop the file, however, it’s important that you do not drop the file into any specific folder on the server as the file must be in the root directory (“/”).

Once the file is uploaded, you’ll need to restart the server for the icon to appear.
If it does not appear, don't panic! Refresh your list and you should be good to go, so long as you've followed this guide correctly.
If you're not seeing it after a refresh, please triple-check your image is meeting the above criteria before reaching out to our team. If you do end up reaching out, be sure to attach the image you've tried to upload.

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