Automated tasks are an invaluable resource for server management! You can set up server-wide messages, server restarts, and even custom commands right within Prisma. To do so, just follow along in this article and we'll get you squared away!

First, open your server's dashboard in Prisma and navigate to the "Schedules" tab at the top of the page. This will bring you to your Prisma-based scheduled tasks:

Click on + New Task. This will bring up a dialog that asks you for the following information:

  • Name: This can be whatever you'd like. For simplicity sake in our example, we'll say that we're creating a task to restart the server every 12 hours so we'll name it "12hr Restart"

  • Next Run: By default, this will be in the next minute. You can set this to whatever you'd like; In our example, Prisma will run it every 12 hours from the time that it runs next.

  • Interval & Unit: Set this to how frequently you'd like the task to run in a whole number (no decimals). In this case, we're going to set it to 12 hours.

  • Status: If you'd like to pause the task for any reason, you can do so here. This is the on/off switch for scheduled tasks.

  • Command: For restarts, you'd run the "Restart Server" command.

  • Arguments: For restarts, you can leave this field blank.

In our example, for scheduled restarts, your dialog should look like this:

Can I add a broadcast (/say) warning before the server is restarted in case players are online?

Yes! Just like you can set up scheduled restarts, you can set up scheduled broadcasts. You can use the steps above, but you'll want to use the "Broadcast" command and you'll be using the "Arguments" field this time to enter in whatever you'd like your message to be. For example...

To add this message, you'd just type "WARNING!" The server will restart in 5 minutes!" into the "Arguments" field, then save. You'll also want to be sure that you adjust the "Next Run" field in accordance to a time that makes sense if you're setting it up alongside restarts. Just take a look at your restart command and the time it's scheduled for, then adjust your broadcast task to run next 5 minutes before the restart task and you'll be good to go!

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