We understand the desire to customize your IP address! It can help players connect without having to remember numbers, it looks more appealing, and it’s just nice to have. Luckily, your server IP can easily be customized through the use of a domain name (e.g. “cubedhost.com” or “mymc.io”).

It is important to note that you will always have a numerical IP!
A "custom IP" is simply created through the use of a domain or subdomain. For example, most of our customers use our domain "mymc.io" to create a subdomain such as "play.mymc.io" so players can more easily connect to their server.

If you own your own domain name already, you need only set up an A or SRV record to connect your domain to your server. An SRV record is more complex to set up, however, it is required if your server does not have a dedicated IP address. If you are not familiar with how to set up DNS records, please contact your domain name registrar for help.
Unfortunately, for security and business reasons, we cannot provide support for external services.

If you do not own a domain name, you have some options!
A. Purchase one! There are many places to register domains, such as Namecheap or Google (CubedHost does not offer domain names).
B. Borrow ours! We proudly offer free subdomains using our domain, mymc.io. This means you can set up an IP using a subdomain, such as “myserver.mymc.io” or “play.mymc.io”.
C. Get a domain for free! Some registrars will offer free domains if you purchase a web hosting package and there are a few registrars out there that offer free domain names alone.

Prefer to go with option B? Currently, subdomains are only available with “mymc.io” for our Minecraft servers. If you have a TeamSpeak server, you will need to obtain your own domain name.
If you do have a Minecraft server, you’ll be able to set up your “mymc.io” IP by request through support (blue button in the bottom-right) or through the legacy client area here. With MCPE specifically, please be sure to add the port when connecting if your server does not have a dedicated IP (e.g. Your server's port is 55555 and you set up "test.mymc.io". You'll use "test.mymc.io" in the "IP/Address" field and "55555" in the port field). If you have a dedicated IP, you can leave the port field alone ("19132").

Please note that any time a new hostname is set up or changed, it may take up to 48 hours for the DNS records to propagate. This means that the custom address may not be available immediately for all players.

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