We understand the desire to customize your IP address! While you can't change or remove your numerical IP address, you can configure a domain as an additional way to connect so it's easier and a little more user-friendly.

Can I do this for free?

Yes! We're happy to provide free use of our domain, mymc.io, so you can add an easier way for your players to connect.

How do I set this up? 

We're looking forward to launching this feature in Prisma soon. In the meantime, feel free to reach out to our team for help getting one set up! We'll need to know what you'd like to add before mymc.io to connect. For example, play.mymc.io.

Can I use "cubedhost.com" instead of "mymc.io"?

Currently, we only offer the use of "mymc.io" for custom hostnames. In the future, we may add the ability to use some of our other domains, such as cubetoast.com. ;-)

What if I want to use my own domain (name/brand)?

You are more than welcome to use your own domain. However, it's important to note that domain names are not a free product, and configuration is required in order to connect a domain to your Minecraft server.

How much does a domain cost?

Domain registration can widely vary in cost, from a few dollars to thousands. However, the average cost usually ends up around $8 US Dollars per year. There are plenty of domain registrars out there, such as Namecheap, but you'll want to be sure you choose one that offers DNS management.

If I have my own domain name, how do I connect it to my Minecraft server?

Once you have your own domain name, you can connect it to your server using DNS records. With a dedicated IP address, all that's required is an A record, though you might consider taking it a step further by setting up an SRV record.

Can you help me set up my DNS record(s)? 

As every registrar is unique, we recommend first reaching out to your domain registrar for help. Often times, companies will have guides available or a support team on standby to help you.

If you do need our assistance, feel free to reach out. While we can't access external accounts, we'll do our best to help you get things squared away.

Can I get my own domain name for free?

Most often, you will be required to register a domain at cost and renew it each year. You may find a registrar that offers free domains, though it may be funded by advertisements and/or lacking in features you'll need, such as DNS management.

Someone can't connect to the domain I set up. Why?

On occasion, some users will have trouble connecting to your server through a domain. You might ask them to try connecting using your server's numerical IP. If they're still unable to connect, please reach out to our team.

I set something up and it's not working. Help?

DNS records may take a few days to propagate. If you're still unable to connect using your subdomain/domain after a day or two, feel free to reach out to our team.


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