Online Mode is used for authentication. With this mode enabled, Mojang will attempt to authenticate any players that connect to your server.


Running your server with Online Mode disabled can be hazardous. Offline servers are insecure and often lead to hacked clients, forced operator permissions, and Minecraft account breaches. We do not recommend disabling this setting unless necessary.

CubedHost is not responsible for any actions caused in response to online mode being disabled. We do not condone the use of pirated Minecraft clients or the unauthorized redistribution of Minecraft itself. We encourage all players to purchase the game legally via

Why would I need to disable Online Mode?

Minecraft 1.6.4 and below

Improved authentication was not introduced until 1.6.4. If you are looking to run an older version of Minecraft, online mode must be disabled as Mojang will not be able to authenticate accounts and players may be unable to connect.

Pirated Accounts (Cracked or Non-Premium)

Though we do not support the use of pirated Minecraft accounts, you may allow such players to connect by disabling Online Mode.


Due to the way BungeeCord functions, you will need to disable Online Mode on any networked servers. Online Mode can be left enabled on the proxy, which will authenticate any players connected to your network.

Enabling Online Mode

By default, online mode will be enabled on your server. If you've disabled it, you can re-enable it by toggling the same setting used to disable it. This is found in your settings panel in Prisma.

Disabling Online Mode

Online Mode can be disabled in your settings panel in Prisma. Log in, access the server you would like to update, and visit the settings panel under Customize. From here, find the Online Mode toggle and select it, save your changes, then restart your server to apply the change.

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