Datapacks! Biomes! Sea creatures! 1.13 has a lot to add to Minecraft... Unfortunately, it came with its own problems, too. 1.13 introduced some major performance and optimization issues, and those issues have remained in 1.14. If your server is running a little slower than you’d like or your console is flooded with “Can’t keep up!” messages, here are some things that can help:

Switch to Paper or Spigot

By far the most successful option is changing your server type to Paper or Spigot. Both Paper and Spigot run exactly the same as Vanilla in terms of the game but have optimizations for chunk loading, redstone ticks, and block decay, resulting in greatly improved performance. Plugins are entirely optional, so aside from the better performance, you can still enjoy the vanilla Minecraft experience. Interested in giving it a try? This article will help you change your server type.

Worried about mob farms, Iron Phoenix, redstone contraptions, etc. breaking? We've tested the Iron Phoenix, as well as large mob farms, on Paper without issue, though Spigot has been known to break these. Some farms and/or the Iron Titan may not function as expected, so we do recommend taking a full server backup prior to switching your server type, just in case.

Check your view distance

View distance determines how many chunks are loaded around a player, and has a serious impact on player performance. We recommend not using any value above 10 when running vanilla Minecraft.

Disable Autosave on Prisma

Minecraft has introduced a lot of improvements that have made Prisma’s autosave feature redundant. Therefore, disabling it won’t have any negative effects on your server and should improve performance. Remember that we also automatically backup your server three times a day in case anything goes wrong!

Reduce the number of mob farms and entities on your server

Chunk loaders and mob farms use a lot of resources, so keeping your farms small in both size and number will help greatly.

Schedule daily restarts

Daily restarts are good for any server type and are especially helpful in keeping 1.13 servers running smoothly. This article will help you set up a scheduled task.

Run a debug

Using the debug command will generate a profile that can then be read to find out what exactly is using up the server’s resources. First, use /debug start  when you begin to notice lag. Next, wait at least 5 minutes, then use /debug stop. This will create a text file inside the debug  folder on the server. If you're not sure what all those numbers mean, it's okay! Just contact us and we'll be happy to review the profile for you.

Need more help?

It's important to note that there are TONS of causes of lag and while vanilla Minecraft can be a culprit in a poor experience sometimes, it may not be the root of your troubles. If you've tried any and/or all of the above options and you still feel like you're having a bad time, never hesitate to reach out to our team so we can help. We want our customers to enjoy their servers as much as we enjoy ours!

What can I do to help if I contact your team regarding lag issues?

Thanks for asking! If you're willing to reach out, it's very helpful for our team to know a few key things. We've included them below:

  1. What have you already tried to do to reduce/eliminate lag on your server?
  2. Are all players being affected or does it seem to be only a select few? If only certain players are being affected, please provide their usernames.
  3. Have you recently made any big changes on/to your server, such as changing the server type, adding any plugins/mods, and/or adding any large farms?
  4. When did you begin experiencing lag issues?
  5. Is the lag constant or does it only happen at certain times and/or when you're in a certain area of your world?

I found this article and saw that it mentioned lag, but I'm not running 1.13...

We're still happy to help and the above still applies! Let us know what you've done and/or changed and we'll take a look!

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