We've created test servers in every location we offer so you have the option to test your connection and our reliability. We are confident in the quality of service we provide. If you're not satisfied, you are welcome to request cancellation at any time and we have an excellent refund policy. If you decide CubedHost is not the right fit for you, let us know. We offer full refunds within 48 hours from purchase and prorated refunds thereafter.

Need to move your existing server from one location to another? Learn more here.

Please note that we do not offer free trials at this time without express management approval.

Minecraft: Java Edition & Minecraft: Bedrock Edition

All Java Edition test servers are currently running Paper 1.13.2.
All Bedrock Edition test servers are currently running PocketMine for 1.9.0.
The servers listed below operate both Java Edition and Bedrock Edition on the same address. Java Edition runs on port 25565, Bedrock Edition runs on port 19132.

Paper mirrors vanilla Minecraft gameplay but offers extensive optimization.
For more information, contact our team or see read more from PaperMC's team here.

Each Java Edition server has 1GB of memory with a maximum player count of 24.
Each Bedrock server has 512MB of memory with a maximum player count of 24.
Server IPs for each location are listed below.

United States

Seattle, Washington: sea.demo.mymc.io
Los Angeles, California
: lax.demo.mymc.io
Phoenix, Arizona:
Chicago, Illinois:
Dallas, Texas:
Ashburn, Virginia:
Miami, Florida:


Montreal, Quebec: mtl.demo.mymc.io


Amsterdam, Netherlands: ams.demo.mymc.io
Roubaix, France: rbx.demo.mymc.io
Frankfurt, Germany: fra.demo.mymc.io
London, England: ldn.demo.mymc.io


Sydney, New South Wales: syd.demo.mymc.io


Singapore: sgp.demo.mymc.io

Looking for a location that you don't see here?

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