You may cancel your service at any time through Prisma in your billing area by selecting the red Cancel button for the service you wish to cancel.
You will be asked to provide a cancellation reason, select a cancellation type (End of Cycle or Immediate), and then you will need to submit the request.

This cannot be undone client-side once submitted. You'll need to contact us immediately if you change your mind.

If you need a refund, please learn more here. Refunds are never automatic.

Once a service has been terminated it cannot be reinstated. We ask that you collect any files you wish to keep before you request cancellation.

Having server issues, getting confused about a process, paying too much?
Give our team a chance! We're here to help and we're happy to do so. That support button is open for you to contact our team at any time and we'd hate to see you go over something we can likely help with!

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