We understand the desire to customize your IP address! It can help players connect without having to remember numbers, it looks more appealing, and it’s just nice to have! Luckily, your server IP can easily be customized through the use of a domain name (e.g. “cubedhost.com” or “mymc.io”).

Can I do this for free?

If you have a Java Edition server, yes! We're happy to provide free use of our domain, mymc.io, so you can add an easier way for your players to connect.

How do I set this up? 

Server owners can customize their server's subdomain through the legacy client area at any time or you can reach out to our team and we're happy to help set this up on your behalf. We hope to have this feature in Prisma soon! 

Can I use "cubedhost.com" instead of "mymc.io"?

Currently, we only offer the use of "mymc.io" for custom subdomains. However, we are looking to potentially add additional domains that we own in the future once this feature has been added to Prisma.

What if I have a Bedrock server?

Unfortunately, we have not yet extended our free subdomain feature to our Bedrock servers at this time, though we hope to do so soon. Thank you for your patience in the meantime.

What if I want to use my own domain (name/brand)?

You are more than welcome to use your own domain. However, it's important to note that domain names are also not a free product and configuration is required in order to connect them to your Minecraft server.

How much does a domain cost?

Domains typically cost around $8 USD per year (domains are registered on a yearly basis), but may cost more or less depending on what you're looking for and which domain registrar (such as Namecheap) you go with.

If I have my own domain name, how do I connect it to my Minecraft server?

Once you have your own domain name, you can connect it to your server using DNS records. With a dedicated IP address, all that's required is an A record, though you might consider taking it a step further by setting up an SRV record.

Can you help me set up my DNS record(s)? 

We encourage you to reach out to your domain registrar first, as they are the most familiar with their interface. However, if you run into troubles and aren't sure what to do next, you are welcome to reach out to our team. It's helpful to know what step you got stuck on and what domain registrar you're with so we can give you appropriate directions. 

Can I get my own domain name for free?

We cannot provide a domain name for you, neither can the majority of domain registrars, but there are some out there that may offer free domains (typically based on website advertisements). You'll want to be sure that they include DNS management if you go this route, however.

What about the numerical IP?

Your numerical IP still exists and can still be used at any time. After all, that's what the domain you're using is connected to so your players can use it to connect.

I set something up and it's not working. Help?

DNS records can take several hours, even up to a few days, to propagate. If you're still unable to connect using your custom subdomain/domain after 24-48 hours, feel free to reach out to our team and we'll be happy to help. Be sure to provide the details of what you've set up!


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