Quite a lot actually. It might seem a bit quiet on the front here, but our team has been working non-stop to continually improve the quality and reliability of our Minecraft hosting, as well as adding new features, refining the ones we have, and much more. Here’s a brief overview of what’s going on!

New Website

We’ve been working with designers for the past few months to put together a brand new website and branding for CubedHost – something a bit more professional and modern. This has been a task that we began over a year ago but each time we approached it, designs were scrapped and we started over. This time, we’re hoping for a launch near the end of 2014. If we’re lucky, maybe in time for the holiday season!

Revamped Backup System

CubedHost was one of – if not – the first Minecraft server hosts to offer free nightly backups. We now offer nightly backups with a storage time of either 2 days, 5 days, or 10 days. We’ve got plans to take this even further and implement a quota system with unlimited storage periods. This means that you’ll be able to customize the amount of data your “cloud backups” will store at once – sort of like Dropbox – and the data will remain there until you run out of space. Quotas will be expandable all the way up to 1TB of data! Along with this new storage system, we’re working to implement one-click restores so rolling back your server is even easier.

Minecraft Pocket Edition Servers

Way back about a year ago we offered some beta testing for MCPE (PocketMine) servers. It’s about time we followed through and opened it up to the public. We’re planning to launch competitively priced, reliable, and high performance MCPE servers within the next 2 – 3 months. Keep an eye out!

New Control Panel

Another project that we’ve approached many times in the past and ultimately one of our long-term goals. We’re working to replace Multicraft’s front-end to provide a more refined method of controlling and customizing your servers. This is indeed a time consuming project and we don’t expect launch for another few months, hopefully before Q2 2015. If you have experience with web design and/or development, we’d love to bring you onto the team – please get in touch.

What else?

We’ve all been working on other projects as well. A lot of work has gone into overseeing and assisting with the launch of MCGamer’s massive V2 update. Check it out at play.mcgamer.net! (1.7/1.8)

We also threw together our own Minecraft skin/avatar service over the past couple of weeks. The de-facto standard for displaying heads and avatars has been Minotar – but lately the service has been spotty. To help take the load off, we’ve mirrored their URLs and developed our own solution using Node.JS. You can make requests here: https://skins.3h.io (examples: 1 2 3). We’ll update it with examples later on; in the meantime, check out Minotar‘s site for the different options you can use.

Finally, we’re also working on a super secret monitoring service as well. We’re aiming to provide realtime latency reports and alerting for a variety of different resources. Stay tuned for more on that 🙂

Question, suggestion, or just want to say hello?

We’d love to hear from you. Submit a ticket or send us an email anytime!

Have a great day!

– The CubedHost Team