Hey everyone!

Our team has been as busy as ever! As summer is coming to an end, we’re still improving on our Prisma control panel, ramping up our support and sales efforts, and improving location offerings. As for the past month, we’ve reached out to select individuals to test some new locations, however, we still need additional feedback for one location: Dallas, Texas, USA!

If you’re interested in a free server in Dallas and are willing to provide some feedback, we’d love to have you try out this new location! Towards the end of the week test period, we will send you an email asking for feedback, and if completed, we will credit your CubedHost account with $8.30 USD, enough for a 1GB server in Dallas, TX once it’s launched!

Click here to obtain a FREE Minecraft server in Dallas, TX! Offer ends Monday, July 24th.

If you need any assistance during the trial, our support team is available for you 24/7 via support ticket, or live chat when available.

– The CubedHost Team