Hey everyone!

While the team has been hard at work to move everyone over to our new control panel, we’ve also been collecting valuable feedback from you about what features and improvements we can continue to work on to make your experience with CubedHost even better.

One of those improvements is continually expanding our datacenter presence to provide you with the best location and lowest ping for you and your players. Our newest datacenter in Chicago, Illinois quickly became one of our fastest growing after its launch in December. We’re back with another opportunity to get a free Minecraft server and test out our newest, upcoming datacenter, this time in Miami, Florida, USA.

Click here to sign up for a free Minecraft server in Miami, FL.

P.S. Your new server runs on our new control panel 🙂

Your server will run for around 7 days then cancel automatically. Shortly afterwards, we’ll email you a quick survey to fill out. Send that back to us and we’ll give you $5 USD account credit. Once we get feedback from everyone, we’ll review feedback, and make sure hardware, network, and DDoS protection performance are all up to our strict standards. If all goes well, you should hear about the official launch shortly!

As always, feel free to get in touch with our support team for more details or if you need any help.


– CubedHost Team