Many of you may have noticed that your server – along with many other servers big and small – have gone offline, crashed, or otherwise stopped working. What’s to blame? A tiny bug in Spigot.

At around 3pm CDT (GMT-5), all servers running Spigot (including MCPC+) crashed simultaneously due to a time-specific bug. This caused tens of thousands of servers to cease working, including huge communities such as MCGamer and Hypixel.

As these thousands of players were disconnected, they immediately tried to rejoin their servers, ultimately causing a huge influx of traffic on the Mojang login/session servers and subsequently, a network disruption on their service. This in turn caused widespread outages for all Minecraft servers, but mainly affecting any server running Spigot or MCPC+.

Please see this page for more information.

At this time, we are pushing out continual updates as the Spigot team works hard to completely resolve the bugs. We advise all customers using Spigot or MCPC+ to continue to update their servers regularly in order to stay on the most stable version.

How to update your Minecraft server.

How to update a modpack on your Minecraft server.

If you have any questions or would like our team to update your server for you, please feel free to contact us via live chat or support ticket.