Hi everyone!

It’s been about 6 months since our last update and definitely overdue. We’re nearing completion with just a few key features left to finish up. I want to take a moment to talk a little bit about why it’s taking so long to finish, then we can look at some of the latest screenshots. The beta program will be shutting down this weekend but it shouldn’t be too long before you can make the official switch to Prisma as a CubedHost customer.


We set out with one goal: creating the best control panel possible to make managing your Minecraft servers as easy as possible, while still providing all of the features you already know and love and without taking away advanced features. We originally planned to slowly replace Multicraft one piece at a time, but found early on that tying ourselves to Multicraft severely limited what we were able to improve and change. It was important for us to create something new, something that is a significant improvement, so we decided to start from scratch and replace Multicraft all in one go.

As time went on, we compiled a todo list with many different features that we know are essential to managing a Minecraft server and worked to implement each one from scratch on this new platform; however, as we progressed through the beta, we realized that we were still missing key features that some people used, despite providing a fairly well-rounded control panel already. We felt that it was extremely important to provide all of the features that Multicraft provides from the start, so that we aren’t taking any features away. For that reason, we’ve postponed release over and over to make sure that we’re meeting those expectations and to ensure that we don’t disappoint our customers. We’ve taken every bit of feedback from you guys during the beta and worked hard to address it, and we’re still working on that right now. We’ll continue to use your feedback even after release to improve the panel.


*Server Overview*
*Changing your server type*
*Quick player actions*

What’s left?

Right now, we’re working on BukGet integration to provide an easy way to search for and install/uninstall plugins. We’ll be working to integrate SpigotMC resources into that as well, so you get plugins from both awesome sources. We’re also finishing up parts of the billing area and payment processes, as well as server upgrades/downgrades. That empty box will be filled eventually as well 🙂

Beta Ending

We will store all server data from the beta temporarily after the servers are shut down, so if you need to retrieve a copy, just send in a ticket and ask. We won’t be storing it for more than 14 days though, so please act fast to avoid losing anything important.

– The CubedHost Team