Hey everyone!

We’re really excited to finally provide some insight into what we’ve been cooking up over the past 9 months. Prisma is an entirely new Minecraft (and game) server management platform built from the ground up, with integrations for our billing and support systems. This means that you’ll have one control panel to manage everything, from changing your server’s settings to paying invoices and submitting support tickets. We built Prisma using the latest web technologies with one intention: making it easy to use. On top on that, we’ve focused hard on functionality and making it fast.  No more slow consoles. No more confusing file managers and editors.

I’ll take you through a couple screens of the panel below. The user interface is still being worked on heavily and it’s definitely not finished, so stuff will change between now and release.

Server Overview

Here’s one of the screens you’ll probably spend a lot of time on. Our goal here was to simplify the process of simple management tasks like changing basic settings, viewing your resource usage, and controlling the server. Actions are instant and responsive, and the resource displays are fluid.


Believe it or not, it wasn’t difficult to improve on Multicraft’s console. Prisma’s console streams your server’s messages in realtime with just a few milliseconds of delay. In addition, we’ve built in detection for various types of messages in the console, so that the panel can react accordingly. One example of this is highlighting errors automatically. We plan to expand this even further over the next few weeks to make viewing your server’s errors/crashes even easier.

You’ll also notice that we placed start/stop/restart controls and server selector at the top of these pages. This continues across all server-related pages, so you can edit a file and restart your server or swap between servers with ease.

Billing Overview

Another one of our main goals with Prisma was to provide a unified platform for managing everything, so you don’t have multiple logins to remember and you don’t have to keep switching back and forth. We’ve built billing and support functionality directly into Prisma to make your life easier. Now all of your payment and invoice information is displayed in one place and you can easily see what’s coming up.

So, when will it be available? We still have lots of work to do. UI needs to be finished and tweaked. There’s still a lot of functionality and features we’re working on. Ultimately, we’re hoping for an initial release by the end of November, but we need your help. We need beta testers. Prisma will be in closed beta for the next couple of weeks while we get it ready for release. During this time, we need server owners to test out the features and interface, find bugs, and just break stuff in general. We can’t let you manage your existing servers with Prisma during this period (probably not a good idea anyway), so you’ll get a small, free Minecraft server for a few weeks to play around with.

If you’re interested in beta testing, click here.

Otherwise, we’ll do our best to stick to the schedule and start rolling it out in a few weeks. If you have any questions, suggestions, comments, or concerns, just get in touch with our support team! They’ll pass the message along to our development team 🙂