Get started with Seattle, WA today!

It's been quiet here on the CubedHost blog for a little while... I mean, who reads blogs anyway? It's all about Reddit now... πŸ€” Anyway, we're bringing some new content to our revamped blog, including cool new features, projects we're working on, and more info about the tech that powers CubedHost. To start us off...

Today, we're officially launching Minecraft servers in Seattle, WA! With this addition, we now cover all major parts of the US as we continue to grow to meet your demand. This brings us to total of 14 global locations for both our Java Edition and Bedrock Edition (PocketMine) servers on the easiest to use, most powerful Minecraft server platform. Get started today with the promo code "643", cleverly named - at least we think so - for $6/GB (or 25% off) for the first 3 months of any new service! Click here to get started.

Have an idea for Prisma or a new location? Hit the blue bubble and send us a message. We'd love to hear from you!