Hello all!

We just wanted to make a quick post regarding a recent update that might affect a good portion of our customers. MCPC+ has officially changed the project’s name to “Cauldron”. At the moment, there are no other changes so your server should remain unaffected and running smoothly.

You might have noticed that we now offer a “Cauldron 1.7.2” option in Multicraft, as well as “MCPC+ 1.7.2” – these are identical and either will get you up and running with 1.7.2 Forge mods + Bukkit plugins. We do recommend that you switch over to the Cauldron option instead of MCPC+ 1.7.2, as we will be removing the latter from Multicraft over the next few weeks.

Note that due to the recent nature of these changes and updates to our start-up scripts, you may encounter some bugs while installing Cauldron/MCPC+ 1.7.2. If you do, please notify our support team immediately so that our devs can work it out as quickly as possible.


Links: Cauldron Project on GitHub | Cauldron Server Downloads