Hello all!

Technic‘s latest and heavily anticipated modpack – Attack of the B-Team – was released today. Our team at CubedHost has always been eager to keep our service up-to-date with the latest packs and mods, so we naturally stocked our control panel with v1.0.1. However, when release came around and v1.0.2 was out, Technic’s poor download server had some trouble handling all of these requests. Here’s where we come in. CubedHost picked up the excess traffic via Round Robin DNS — a whole 900 Mbps of it within seconds. We’re still working on adding additional resources to keep speeds steady and fast. In the meantime, here are some awesome graphs from a few hours ago. Enjoy!

**Update: **It is now Thursday (Feb 6th) and the traffic keeps coming! At one point we were pushing over 3 Gbps. Here are some new bandwidth graphs.

Bandwidth - CubedHost Mirror #1

Bandwidth - CubedHost Mirror #2

HAProxy - CubedHost Mirror #1

HAProxy - CubedHost Mirror #2