It's time to say goodbye.

Thank you for a wonderful 10 years!
100,000+ Minecraft Servers
80,000+ Customers

We wouldn't have made it a decade without you!

Countless Memories

Closure Schedule

When will my servers go away?

All services have been discontinued as of December 30, 2021.

Please visit the link below for more information on file collection:

Group A

December 8th, 2021

The following locations closed on December 8th, 2021:

  • Amsterdam, NL (AMS)
  • Ashburn, VA, USA (ASH 1-15)
  • Chicago, IL, USA (CHI)
  • Dallas, TX, USA (DAL)
  • Los Angeles, CA, USA (LAX)
  • Phoenix, AZ, USA (PHX)
  • Seattle, WA, USA (SEA)
  • Tampa, FL, USA (TPA)
  • Bare Metal in Chicago, IL

Group B

December 29th, 2021

All remaining locations close on December 29th, 2021:

  • Ashburn, VA, USA (ASH 16+)
  • Frankfurt, DE (FRA)
  • London, UK (LDN)
  • Montreal, CAN (MTL)
  • Roubaix, FR (RBX)
  • Sydney, AU (SYD)
  • Singapore, SGP (SGP)
  • Warsaw, PL (WAW)
  • Web Hosting (MC-included)
  • Bare Metal (excl. Chicago, IL), Cloud Solutions
  • Backup files (excluding recovery backups)

What happened? Why are you closing? I have questions!

Understandable! We'll try to answer the majority of questions below.
Q: What happened? Why is CubedHost closing?
A: We know this news may come as a surprise and assure you that this decision was not easily made. We've always tried our best to bring you the best possible experience and we hope we've been successful in our endeavors. With 10 years of ups and downs behind us, this was our best path forward.
Q: What about my server? My files?
A: All servers have been discontinued as of December 30, 2021. Collect recovery files by emailing: [email protected].
Q: Will I get a refund for time paid beyond closure dates?
A: All due refunds are currently in progress. If you are eligible and have not already received a refund, it will be issued by January 31, 2022.
Q: What will you do with Prisma? Will you make it open source?
A: In its current state, Prisma will not be released publicly; however, we plan to launch it as open source in 2022. Keep an eye out for news here, or join our mailing list (click here).
Q: Is there anything I need to do?
A: Other than collecting your server files, no actions are required on your end.